About Buck Wear

Wow! Over 30 years in business. It seems like 1992 was just yesterday, driving my mom's rickety station wagon stocked full of t-shirts to sell at a hunting show at the fairgrounds.

A lot has changed over the past two decades, but a whole bunch is still the same. The one thing that has always remained constant is Buck Wear's dedication to bringing you the best lifestyle apparel for the outdoorsman. From the beginning, three things have made this company click; Employees, Wholesale Customers, and Consumers.

Thank you to our employees - your hard work and creativity are the reasons for our success.

Wholesale Customers - your faith and support enables us to reach the consumer; it has been a pleasure growing our businesses together over the years.

We'd like to thank America's hunters and anglers - Your passion for the outdoors and your desire to show the world who you are is the reason why we do what we do... it's all for you.

David Trapp

President & Owner